At Lugnet you can swim all year round! The swim center is situated in the Lugnet Sportcenter only few steps away from the camping.

Lugnets swimming pools & relax section

Lugnets swimming pool is a classic pool with focus on training and exercise. Weekday evenings the pool is used by the Falu Simsällskap for training.

In the swim center you will find a 25-meter pool with springboards, a pool for lessons and a paddling pool for younger children. In the dressing rooms you will even find the sauna. Adjacent to the swim center the relax section with bubble pool and three diffrent typs of saunas.

Outdoor pool

The big pools, the waterslide and the free fall are a popular place to be in summer for all swimmers!

The outdoor pool in Lugnet is open during the summer months. Here you will find:
50 m pool
25 m pool
paddling pool with a fountain
a waterslide
the free fall
large green spaces for sun and play